Sunday, December 4, 2011

I have a ton to blog about, need to get on it!

I have a ton of new products that I want need to share with you all, but need to actually make blogging a part of my routine. I should probably use the time after my cute cupcake falls asleep, while I am still wide awake having my "me" time before bed.  I work full time as well as being a full time single mom, so usually I am just very tired! I love to keep up with all the blogs that I am subscribed too, and recently got back into watching some youtube videos for inspiration.

Some of the new products that I have include Nars, Milani, UD, Too Faced, Mac, Yaby, and Smashbox to name a few. I have brushes, blushes, eyeshadows, palettes and more!

Oh~! I forgot to mention that I took a makeup course and got certified in makeup! I am currently in the process of building my professional kit so that I can start working on my portfolio. I bought some Yaby palettes for my kit and just need to wait for them to come in.  Yaby ( was having an awesome sale that ends on 12/4 for about 35% off. You can also buy some of their products at Camera Ready Cosmetics ( for a discounted price- some of their products are 50% off right now! I REALLY need to place an order asap for their foundation palettes which I have read are full coverage cream foundations, but can be made more sheer. I am soooo excited!!

 I will try to upload some pictures as soon as possible... It is 3am here in Hawaii, so I am OFF to bed :)

xoxo talk to you all soon!

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  1. With a little one as well as being a single mom, I know just how busy you must be. Mai (the other half of our joint blog) is a single mom, which is why she has posted and/or commented on our blog only a few times.

    Congratulations on getting certified in makeup! It seems like a fun start to a new career path for you.

    I look forward to your upcoming posts reviewing the new products that you have acquired. I haven't heard of Yaby before so I'm really interested in reading about that. I think that for me the two new items that I acquired that are really exciting is the NARS Hanamichi palette and Urban Decay's NAKED2 (should be in this upcoming week).

    OMG 3:00 a.m.! Unfortunately, since we are last in the timezone, a lot of exciting things happen while it's the middle of the night and we are asleep. It's been chilly lately, hasn't it?

    Take care!