Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December 2011 Birchbox

At the end of last month I subscribed to Birchbox and I was so excited waiting in anticipation to find out what I would receive. I got the box today and was sooo disappointed! Unfortunately, I cancelled my subscription because based on others reviews on YT re: Birchbox, it probably wouldn't be worth the $10/month.  I made a short video and am currently trying to upload it. I think when Glambox has boxes available, I will subscribe to that instead.


  1. Too bad that it was disappointing. I had been hearing how when it first came out it was great but many bloggers have been disappointed by the subsequent boxes they received.

    I've been reading good things about MyGlam bag but they've closed down subscriptions for now due to the huge popularity of it.


  2. Hi Kat! Yes - the first MyGlam bag looks like it has really great products, esp since I loooove Urban Decay & have always wanted to try more NYX and Tarte. *sigh* That is the risk we have to take though for "sample" bags! :)