Tuesday, December 6, 2011

3 Custom Color Specialists

A lot of people shopped online on Cyber Monday to get great deals on electronics.  Instead I found some great deals on cosmetics for brands that I normally would not try! I really wanted to shop the Eve Pearl 40-55% off deals, but their shipping to Hawaii was outrageous!! I decided to pass (*sob*) on their concealers and correctors (*double sob*).

What I did happen to stumble across was 3 Custom Color Specialists 30% off sale! I had somehow come across them prior to Cyber Monday, but wasn't ready to shell out the regular prices for their products without really knowing how their products worked and applied.

3CCS actually can custom make a shade for you or even recreate a favorite discontinued shade for your eyes, lips, cheeks or face! The best way is to send them a sample of what you are hoping for them to recreate and they work off of that.  I haven't personally done this, but isn't that so awesome??

Lets get down to what I purchased. I bought the Professional Concealer Palette which normally is $58 and their concealer/foundation in shade 4 which normally is $22.50.

 To find out which shade would best suit my skin, I emailed them a picture of myself, along with the shade of MAC foundation that I normally wear (NC25) and asked which shade of their concealer/foundation. Chad (one of the owners) emailed me back the same day with the information - which I thought was really great customer service.

All of their concealers are also foundations.  They are full coverage, but can be made into a more sheer coverage.  The concealer palette has 10 shades and includes a little concealer brush and a spatula.  The actual full sized concealer foundation is very small compared to my MAC foundations. My MAC foundations normally have 1 oz of product, where this has 3g or .10 oz.   I haven't tested out the shade yet, but it does look close to my skin tone. I will let you all know the results as soon as I test it out!  I am so excited to use this concealer palette for my professional kit.  3CCS also offers a 30% discount for industry professionals!

Have any of you tried 3CCS?


  1. hi! i'm also nc25 and was wondering which color they matched you with for the concealer/foundation single.

  2. Hi Dahlia,

    They matched me as a 4. I haven't really played with my palette yet, or with the foundation single. I personally think its a tiny bit dark for my skin, so I am actually wondering if I am going upwards towards NC20. My skin normally does not fade any lighter, since I already try and stay out of the sun as much as possible - so it may be that I am applying too much to my skin. When I have time to play with the colors more, I will post an update :)