Friday, February 26, 2010

Nail goodies

Today in the mail I received some more 3d Nail Art Molds. To make the 3D nail art, you use colored acrylics in the molds. I had previously purchased some but bought a "few" (ok a little more than a few) more. I have donuts, waffles, ice cream cones, ice cream on a stick, strawberries, bows, lollipops, wrapped candies, hearts and some other ones that I can't remember right now. They are TOO cute! They are made out of some type of silicon and you can just pop out the acrylic from the mold once they dry.

Here are some pictures of my other nail goodies.  I have a few different rhinestone wheels.  I believe I have round, square, heart, and star shapes in the colored rhinestones and I have a wheel of different sized clear rhinestones.  I have 2 sets of the tiny jars which have different deco including the tiny seed beads, half flat pearls, and glitter.  The top left picture is of small hexagon shaped nail glitter which is perfect for nail tips.  Not too small and not too big!


  1. Ooh! Have tons of fun with your goodies :) Sounds like we have the same taste in nail molds.

  2. I had to buy a few more after I saw your ice cream molds, they were so cute! :) I really like the bow ones though, so hopefully I get to try them out soon.

  3. AHHH! I soooo wanted to buy those molds. Aren't they expensive?! The site I went to was real expensive. =[
    Show us some nails did!!!

  4. i actually bought them from ebay for 1.99 each. the only thing is the shipping is about 1.50 for each, so they are actually 3.50 each. they come from china but only takes about a week or week and a half! :)