Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Clinique Acne Solutions

For the past 3 years I've had acne on and off.  I think it got progressively worse after I had my daughter in June of 2008.  Your hormones go crazy, stress and bam! Acne.... your own worse enemy.  Like the normal teenager, I have had some acne problems in high school, and at the time I had gone to the dermatologist and had been prescribed Retin-A and some other cream medications. I used to hate them at the time, because they used to dry my face so badly, that I'd have peeling skin on my cheeks and nose. NOT pretty.  To make a long story short, most recently I have had some acne on my cheeks.  I do not have oily skin, at all!  I'm pretty pale so the problem areas would be red.  I use concealer to cover it up. It works pretty well to conceal, but you can still tell that I have some.  Some of the skin care products that I have been using include Clean & Clear face washes (still do), Neutrogena washes, Clean & Clear acne gels/creams, anything cheap and from the drugstore.  None of these things have worked in the few years!  My pimples would disappear for a while but reappear later on.

I considered buying Proactiv b/c I was getting desperate. However I went to Sephora to see what they had and bought Clinique Acne Solutions.  I bought the cleansing foam ($18 for 4.2oz), clarifying lotion ($13.50 for 6.7oz), Clearing Moisturizer ($16.50 for 1.7oz), and Emergency Gel ($13.50 for 0.5oz).  I've been using everything twice a day since last Wednesday, with the exception of the emergency gel.  That item is for "breakout emergencies" and I haven't had one yet.  (Sorry for the 'stock' picture.... it wouldn't look any better if I took it with my own camera.)

The products seem to be clearing up my acne, slowly but surely. It has not dried up my face at all!! :) I like the fact that Clinique is 100% allergy tested and fragrance free.  I don't care for scented facial products b/c I have headaches easily.

The active ingredient in the Cleansing Foam and in the Clarifying Lotion is salicylic acid.  The Emergency Gel's active ingredient is benzoyl peroxide.

Based on my 1 week of use, I really like the product thus far.  I will definitely keep using it so I can give you an update on my acne status!

PROS: Relatively inexpensive, easy to obtain, fragrance free, non-drying.
CONS: Not an "immediate" fix, shouldn't be used as a makeup remover so you actually need to have a separate MU remover (this is not recommended for use by eyes)

While shopping Clinique I also picked up All About Eyes ($28.50).  I have some pretty dark undereye circles so I wanted to test it to see if it could help at all with the discoloration.  It is definitely a great moisturizer under the eye area.

For my eyelashes, I picked up Fiberwig mascara ($24) and the Sephora brand heated eyelash curler ($16).  I debated b/t that e/l curler and the Shu Uemura, but the sales associate recommended the heated one.  I had been wanting the Panasonic one for a while after watching Eki's youtube video, and I was so excited when I saw Sephora carried their own.  Now I haven't mastered it yet, so I will review it in the future once I learn how to make it work.  

And last but not least, I will have another MAC haul soon.  My friend should have picked me up more items including some e/s and blushes to add to my arsenal collection.

xoxo & tty soon


  1. LOL. I do that too. I don't notice anyone comments in my cbox till a couple days later. >__<

    Proactiv didn't really work for me. I think the exfoliating wash was too much for daily use and the toner wasn't alcohol free. My skin was toooooo sensitive for it.
    I just noticed I have acne scaring on my cheeks. Not really scaring but craters. =[

    But I loooove fragrance free lotions and face stuff. I just got the Boots No 7 beauty serum. Works wonders. I've never tried Clinique stuff. I remember when I was younger my grandma bought boat loads of Clinique and I used to play with all the makeup stuff.

    The Panasonic heated eye lash curler is the booooomb! I got mine from Amazon for $19 I think. It makes my lashes go BAM! Haha!

  2. @Serenie_I wanted to try the panasonic one, but the sephora MA said this one was good... it curls a little but not a lot, so i think maybe I'm not doing it correctly.

    I always look at Boots when I go to Target but don't know which stuff to try. Are you just using a moisturizer?