Friday, February 19, 2010

MAC haul

Let me first say that the title should actually be "another MAC haul" because I think I get new things just about every week. Today's haul included:
2 empty eyeshadow palettes, By Candelight MSF, Satellite Dreams e/s, Gentil Lentil shadestick, and brushes 129, 222, and 239.

I always thought that I didn't need the 222 brush, because my 224 and Sigma SS224 are fa-a-abulous, but who doesn't need more e/s brushes? I'm going to follow the recommendation of a friend and use the 239 for applying and blending my paintpots.

I have to see if I like the By Candlelight.  I'm not so much a highlight kind of person, I'm more of a peachy blush and as of recently, a bronzer as contour kinda girl. I'm going to have to test this one out.

Satellite Dreams was a no brainer b/c my favorite color is purple and I could probably fill one if not more of the e/s palettes with purple shadows.

What are you favorite MSFs, brushes, or e/s?

(the polka dots in the corner is my baby's leg. She wanted to be in the picture in her PJs.)


  1. OOH! I wanted to buy Satellite Dreams. It's so pretty! I have a lot of purple and light beige-ish colors in my MAC palette.
    I like Ricepaper, All That Glitters & Beautiful Iris. My MAC shadow collection is so tiny though. Haha!

  2. I have sooo many MAC eye shadow, I love them! I recently found out I like Urban Decay too, they blend really well :)