Friday, February 5, 2010

MAC foundation review

Ok as I've said before, I've been using MAC makeup forever. I've esp been using MAC SFF and MAC SF powder. I'm a liquid and powder kind of girl, definitely not a powder only type of coverage. I'm an NC25 for reference.

I love my SFF and SF powder.

Studio Fix Fluid is awesome! It has a natural matte finish and med-full coverage. 

PROs: Long wearing, lasts all day! Very good coverage. If you have really bad acne, it may peek through, but this and concealer really does the job. Great color range! $26.50

CONs: Has a sort of orangey color to it by the end of the day.  Several friends have commented on their SFF doing the same thing, and they are all a darker skin tone than me. I think I'm b/t NC20 and NC25, but I stick w/NC25.

I recently bought MAC Studio Tech and today was the first time I used it. I wanted to try something that would give a little smoother, heavier coverage than SFF.  Not looking for cakey coverage.

Studio tech is a cream foundation that is supposed to apply matte and have a powdery finish.  It comes a compact and sponge as shown on the left. I applied it with the sponge and tried to build coverage,  and then used SF powder to set.  It is supposed to have a "full range" of coverage. **watched some videos on youtube.... apparently i should try to use my foundation brush!**

PROs: Took a minute or two to apply. FAST! Great if you're on the run! The color is truly closer to my skin tone than the same shade in SFF. Evens out skin tone (with the exception of dark circles). No orange color to it like SFF!

CONs: I dont feel like it has that great of a coverage. You could still see my dark circles even with my concealer and you could see through the makeup and see some of my blemishes. $29.50

I have also tried Studio Sculpt.   If you're not familiar, it is a gel-based foundation w/medium - full coverage and a satin finish.

PROs: Coverage is great.  It is more orangey that I'd like, but not as orangey as SFF.

CONs: Throughout the day it makes your face look oily. I personally don't have an oily face, but this makes me look like I do. I do not like satin finish!! $29.50

Finally MAC's Full Coverage foundation.  I bought this at my regular MAC store a while ago, but I think its a PRO only product now. (I do not have a PRO card).  I think it was about $30. I originally bought this to have more coverage than SFF, but I don't use it much any more.

PROs: It covers wonderfully! You can use it as concealer.

CONs: Cakey if you wear it for more than a short time. Especially under the eyes, or anywhere that creases - such as around your mouth. Did not have NC25! I had to buy NC20 and NC30. Does not cover black on tattoos very well.

Well I hope you enjoyed my review, if you have any suggestions on how to make my studio tech a fuller coverage, please let me know! Good night!~ xoxo, Caitlin

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  1. Ooh, I love the studio tech! It's my fave. I use it to cover up dark circles and my hyperpigmentation. Try using a dense flat top brush (I use the everyday minerals one) and stippling it where you need extra coverage. You can build it up to cover almost anything.

    Oh and I'm so sorry it took so long to answer you back. I just use those coloured acrylic sets you can get on ebay for cheap. It does the job.