Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Today was super crazy at work. Busy busy busy... when I get home it doesn't stop since dd demands all my attention! <3 it doesn't help that I'm still sick! my congestion just doesn't want to go away. When will it end.... *sigh*

I was going through my makeup brushes last night and deep cleaned them all, or at least 99% of them. I found out that I have over 40 brushes. I couldn't believe it. I know that I don't use every single one of them, but would say I probably use at least 75% of them. A lot of them are MAC, I have quite a few Sigma and then some Artistry, ELF, Bare Escentuals, and other miscellaneous brands. Of course I love my MAC, but I also really like my Sigma which are high quality and are very reasonable priced, and very comparable to MAC. Surprisingly I use my ELF $1 e/s brushes just about every day to blend.... they're soooo good at blending! The bristles are so soft too. However for long lasting, high quality, least shedding brushes, I will continue to buy MAC.

My MAC e/s collection has topped 100 a while ago I think. I have a large selection from their permanent line, and some d/c ones, and a bunch from diff collections including holiday sets and other quads. I'm trying to use the ones I haven't used in a while and make them more noticeable. I used to be scared of color, but I LOVE makeup, so why be so subtle? I'm still learning how to apply and mix colors and use pigments * <3 * so if you know any youtubers I should keep my eye out for, lmk!

Anyhoo its off to bed soon, since i'll be up early again for work!

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