Friday, January 8, 2010


I have received an ebay order that I placed for some IBD clear full well nails. I thought they were half well but I guess when I use them I can trim the excess off. I also rec'd some glitter and shell to put on the nail tips. I also rec'd my order today. That order included a brush, some dappen dishes, hexagon nail glitter, cuticle pusher, artificial nail clipper and rhinestones. I really like the hexagon glitter, they are small but not microscopic-the perfect size for tip decoration. I really need to get some fine glitter and would love some star shaped ones as well. The shipping from both took about a week. Normally shipping is faster, but with New Years and all, I can understand why it took a little longer. Will post pics later. I'm so anxious to get my gel lamp and gel/acrylic set!!

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