Monday, January 18, 2010

A long weekend

Its the end of the 3 day weekend! :( Back to work for 3 days and then my day off again. Boo!

Had a nice weekend with my Chloe.  She gonna be 19 months old this month. She amazes me.  I heart her :)

Planning to do a foundation review soon, since I'm looking for a new one! See ya later!


  1. Hi Caitlin, thanks for the comment. I cannot live without my studio tech. I used to like the sff, but I just wasn't getting the coverage I needed, I still needed to use a lot of concealer on discolouration I had. But now I just use the studio tech and usually I set it with powder, but I don't on easy going days (it's MAC's only self setting foundation), but it's not for those who are looking for light coverage or who don't like the feel of makeup on their faces. But I love it.

  2. I always set my foundation unless I'm only going to the store quickly. Since I'm usually out all day, I need the coverage to last and the only way (for me) is to set it. I use the MAC mineralize skin finish natural. I like that one because it doesn't mattify your skin too much, it just looks natural.

  3. Sorry, just one last comment. My eyes glanced past your follower count and it said "be the first to follow" so I did. Yay! Hope you get many more :)