Friday, May 28, 2010

Mac - To the Beach

So I picked up a few things from this collection, but since the weather is really bad and rainy right now, I couldn't really get any good pictures showing the colors of the products.   I only wanted to get things that were limited edition and not just for the packaging.

What I picked up:

Sand & Sun e/s
Firecracker e/s
Sweet & Punchy e/s
Hipness blush
Beach Bronze creme bronzer
Float on By eye kohl

I already own the other 2 e/s in the collection, which are Shimmermoss and Humid.  They are part of the permanent collection.  There was another creme bronzer which I believe was a little lighter, but I decided to go with the darker one since the MA told me it looks more natural on my skin, and they both were actually pretty sheer.  I am one for too much bronzer or shimmeryness on my face, I like to keep the shimmer for my eyes and lips.  The other two powder bronzers are part of the permanent collection, so I skipped those.  I didn't really care for the lipsticks , lipliners or lipglosses for myself b/c they were a little too bright for my liking.  However I think overall the collection was really nice and had some great products.  I would love to see what other people think of this collection, what they picked up, and what they think of the products that I didn't pick up such as the lustredrops and bronzing body oil.

I can't wait to try out these eyeshadows, they are just so gorgeous!