Friday, May 28, 2010

Mac - To the Beach

So I picked up a few things from this collection, but since the weather is really bad and rainy right now, I couldn't really get any good pictures showing the colors of the products.   I only wanted to get things that were limited edition and not just for the packaging.

What I picked up:

Sand & Sun e/s
Firecracker e/s
Sweet & Punchy e/s
Hipness blush
Beach Bronze creme bronzer
Float on By eye kohl

I already own the other 2 e/s in the collection, which are Shimmermoss and Humid.  They are part of the permanent collection.  There was another creme bronzer which I believe was a little lighter, but I decided to go with the darker one since the MA told me it looks more natural on my skin, and they both were actually pretty sheer.  I am one for too much bronzer or shimmeryness on my face, I like to keep the shimmer for my eyes and lips.  The other two powder bronzers are part of the permanent collection, so I skipped those.  I didn't really care for the lipsticks , lipliners or lipglosses for myself b/c they were a little too bright for my liking.  However I think overall the collection was really nice and had some great products.  I would love to see what other people think of this collection, what they picked up, and what they think of the products that I didn't pick up such as the lustredrops and bronzing body oil.

I can't wait to try out these eyeshadows, they are just so gorgeous!


  1. Hi Caitlin!

    How have you been doing with your nail art? Are you going to post nail entries anytime soon? Btw your Chloe is so cute! Love her curly hair :) xx

  2. hi love! i got some mac brushes and one of the lip glosses and lipsticks from the to the beach line today and thought of you and e since you guys are mac fanatics. : ) i will post mine soon. when it gets sunnier, please take pictures and post pix of your haul!