Thursday, April 15, 2010

Got my hair did

"mini me" and me.... "smile!!!"

Ive been having some major stress recently so decided that I needed a "me" day and got my hair did!

Last year I highlighted my hair and put really purple streaks in it.  I had them in for about 2 weeks when I had to dye it back "normal" for work.  That over-processing really damaged my hair and it was horrible! I let my hair recover for a whole year.  I had used drugstore color about 2-3x to cover up the highlights that could you could still see, but didn't i didnt highlight at all. So on Saturday I got my hair did! I wasn't going to go light, I had wanted to keep the color dark so I wouldn't have to retouch too much.  But I told my friend to go with whatever she thought would look best b/c I trust her! I love the outcome.  She colored it and gave me some partial highlights.  I will have to touch up probably every 4 weeks, b/c my natural color is a really dark brown, but I <3 it!  Since my hair is lighter, I had to change the color of my eyebrow shade.  I used to use either MAC charcoal brown or espresso, but now I have to use cork.


  1. your hair looks great! hope you have a great day :)

  2. LOL. I tried to comment on this last night. Then my internet broke. Hahaha!
    Bebe makes the cutest faces! I really like the cut.
    I'm debating if I want to cut my hair shorter. Right now it's at this awkward length where it either needs to be cut or grow longer to look nice.
    Is it a lot of upkeep when your hair is that short??
    Love the color too.

  3. Thanks Hilda!

    @Serenie - ya my daughter is weird.. LOL. Thanks about the cut! I actually am trying to GROW it out. It was suuuper short like by my chin and its finally past my shoulders, so I actually just trimmed it. Not too much upkeep for the cut, but the color will be -_-

  4. the hair looks nice~
    I'm thinking of cutting my hair short bob^^